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The Five Nuts that are Diet-Friendly

Nuts are amazing as a nutrient-rich snack that supports weight loss. Make these crunchy delights a part of your daily diet to boost your weight loss process.  

If you want the best results, turn to these 5 nuts as these are the most effective at burning fat.  

  1. Almonds 

    Acknowledged as being a potent snack for the heart’s health, almonds can also help you trim your waist. A small serving can make you feel full owing to the high content of dietary fiber as well as monounsaturated fats. These satisfy your hunger and keep your cravings in check. Additionally, these nuts also provide L-arginine – an amino acid that supports your fat burning process. 
  2. Cashew Nuts 

    One of the most important requirements for losing weight is to speed up the natural metabolism of your body. Cashews give this process a much needed nudge so that you may achieve your dream weight faster. Cashew nuts also offer magnesium that supports a speedy metabolism for both fats as well as carbohydrates. Likewise, the protein and fiber content satisfies your hunger and keep you away from unhealthy snacking at odd times. 

Cashews contain zero cholesterol. Another amazing fact for you: you will get only 1 gram of fat if you eat 18 cashews! So, munch away happily while you successfully manage your weight through cashew nuts.  

  1. Walnuts 

    A handful of walnuts everyday leads to faster weight loss. Thanks to the un-saturated fats in these nuts, your weight loss process is stimulated while the omega-3 fats, protein and dietary fiber work at suppressing your hunger. In addition, consuming walnuts leads to the production a hormone in the body – peptide YY – that contributes greatly towards making you feel full and satisfied. 
  2. Pistachios 

    These delightful nuts are great at leading to satiety so that you eat less. Pistachios also have a low calorie content but are high in protein. The latter is important for your fat loss process. Moreover, these tree nuts help you maintain a steady blood sugar level through its special antioxidants. This is not only important for preventing diabetes, but also keeps you away from craving for sweet delights that add to your weight. 
  3. Brazil Nuts 

    These are loaded with nutrients that support weight loss. At the top of the list are minerals selenium, magnesium and phosphorus. All of these play an important part in the body’s fat burning process. Additionally, Brazil Nuts also provide thiamine also commonly known as vitamin B1 – that promotes the breakdown of your carbohydrates in order to release energy. This is how Brazil Nuts can effectively help you lose weight by burning fats and carbs. 

Add these nuts to your breakfast cereal, smoothies or simply grab a handful at snack time. For the most effective weight loss, dieticians recommend consuming nuts in the morning. It is also beneficial to have these before your workout as a steady supply of energy. Your metabolism will also get an astounding boost with the combined power of your workout and the metabolism boosting nutrients in nuts.  

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