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Cashews and There Anti Aging Properties

Aging is a natural phase of life, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it fully! One simple way to add some fun to your golden years is by munching on cashews. These are loaded with substances that can promote youth and vitality to help you grow older more gracefully.

Cashews are small but mighty. They are full of nutrients that can give your body a healthy boost. Cashew nuts have nutrients like fiber, protein, and good fats. Plus, they bring in vitamins and minerals like magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Let’s have a more detailed look at how cashews can prevent the unpleasant effects of ageing by helping you grow stronger.

  • Protein – Your Muscle Friend

As we get older, our muscles get weaker. However, eating enough protein can help. Cashews have lots of it – about 18 grams per 100 grams of your favorite nuts. So, cashews can help keep your muscles strong and hearty.

  • Fiber – Keeping Digestive Troubles Away

With age comes several digestive issues as our system gets weaker. But, cashews can help here too. They are good for your stomach as it aids smooth digestion. Eating them can keep your tummy happy and trouble-free, keeping issues like constipation away.

  • Heart Friendly Fats

Your heart needs to stay strong as you age in order to maintain your vitality. Cashews can be a big help here. They have healthy fats that make up about 66% of the overall fat content of cashews. These good fats keep your heart happy as they lower the bad cholesterol. As a result, the blood vessels are not clogged and the blood flow remain smooth.

  • Magnesium – Heart Helper

Did you know, a handful of cashews have as much as 82 mg of magnesium?This mineral is a superstar for your heart as it helps to stabilize blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. In fact, having enough magnesium in your diet can lower your risk of heart diseases, which tend to become more common as we grow older. So, munching on a handful of cashews can be a small step towards a big heart health win!

  • Brain Boost with Cashews

Keeping your brain sharp is a must, especially as you age. Cashews are a friend to your brain, providing about 6% of the daily recommended intake in a 28-gram serving of the nuts. Iron helps in transporting oxygen to your brain, keeping it active and alert.

  • Vitamin E: Shield for Your Brain

Cashews are a handy source of vitamin E, offering about 1 mg in a 28-gram serving. This vitamin acts like a shield for your body cells. Harmful free radicles are one of the major reasons behind pre-mature ageing and the associated unpleasant side-effects. Vitamin can effectively fight these villains, helping you stay younger.

  • Strong Bones with Vitamin K

Vitamin K can prove to be a true friend to your bones. Offering 34% of the daily recommended value in a serving of 100 grams. The vitamin helps absorb calcium which is essential for strong bones. Over time, regular consumption of cashews can prevent bone thinning and vulnerability to fractures by keep the bones strong.


So, grab a handful and turn your age into just a number!


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