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Cashews are Fat Content? What's the truth

All types of nuts are touted as the right choice for health and weight management. Delectable nuts like cashews also fall in this category despite offering a considerable amount of fat – 44 grams per serving of 100 grams. It would still not add to your weight or lead to any heart problems!  

If you are not convinced, read on and discover the truth about cashews and fat content.  

Do Cashews Contain Fat?  

Absolutely! Don’t forget that fats are an important diet requirement. These are essential for storing all the fat-soluble vitamins in your body – vitamins A, D and E. Additionally, fats also necessary for healthy joints, cell membranes as well as the proper growth and development of the brain.  

Cashews contribute towards these benefits by providing us with fats. You can enjoy having a few of these every day. Don’t worry, the fat content is only 12 grams per ounce (18 cashews).  

What Kind of Fat is Found in Cashew Nuts? 

The type of fat present in any food is what makes all the difference. When we speak about cashews, most of the fats found in the nuts are healthy. If we break this down into figures, 62% of the total fat content of cashews is monounsaturated while 15% is polyunsaturated.  

Unsaturated fat does not add up to your belly. Neither does it damage the heart or the circulatory system. So you can munch away without worrying about harming your health.  

What are the Benefits of this Fat? 

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats promote healthy function of the heart. These lower the bad cholesterol in your body. This means, your blood vessels will not be clogged up and your heart will continue to pump blood with commendable vigor.  

Does the Fat Content of Cashews Help with Weight Loss? 

The fats in cashews are known for stimulating your metabolism. In other words, cashew nuts help you burn calories faster. The energy that is released during this process helps you stay active. 

At the same time, the unsaturated fats in these nuts play an important role in satisfying your hunger. This in turn decreases your cravings so that you don’t end up eating more than necessary. The end result will be favorable for your overall weight.   

Cashews are, therefore, a great choice when you are watching your weight. These provide you with energy when you are on a weight loss diet. You can consume these in moderation without putting on any extra pounds. Some ideas are to add them to your energy balls or make special diet smoothies with powdered cashews.  

Is there no “Bad” Fat in Cashews?  

There is a minute amount of saturated fat in cashews. This is deemed as the “bad” fat. That’s why it is advised to consume cashews in moderation.  

However, there is absolutely no cholesterol in these nuts. This is the reason why cashews are a popular pick for folks who want a healthy heart. It has also been found to maintain blood sugar level for diabetic patients.  



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