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Best Ways to Introduce Cashews to Children

Children of all ages need proper nutrition and a healthy diet to stay fit and function well. Introducing kids to natural foods like nuts would be a great option, as it offers healthy fats, protein, and moreover, they are easier for the kids to chew and swallow! Cashew nuts are also a good source of omega fats and copper which are essential for iron absorption, magnesium, and amino acids that help in cell growth in babies.

Once baby shifts to solid food, you can start including cashew nuts in their diet. Nuts can be beneficial to their overall health and offer vital nutrients and healthy fats. Adding a few cashews in the preparation could enhance its texture and flavor. 

  Cashew nut powder can be added to their smoothies which gives a unique flavor. 

  • Kids love having cream, so introduce cashew cream into other foods like yogurt, warm cereals, or mashed vegetables. 

  • Cashew Oatmeal Balls  

  • Cashews can be added to cereals, milk, and even a fruit parfait  

  • Can be added as a snack which is packed with nutrients 

Cashew nuts are an amazing treat for all ages, as they are effective from hair to toe. Rich in texture, slightly sweet flavor, crispy and creamy exterior. Cashews are seeds extracted from the fruit of the cashew apple.  These cashews are packed with flavors and healthy carbs that will help your kid to grab healthy fats at a very young age.     

Going with organic cashew nuts would be a better option for kids, visit WW Cashews to get specifically handpicked organically air roasted nuts at an affordable budget. Incorporating cashews into the kid's diet would be a great way to add nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals. 

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