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Is Cashew a Fruit?

Many of us have a misconception that cashews are nuts, but Cashew is a fruit that is sprout on the bottom of cashew apples. Cashews are kidney shaped seed that hangs at the end of cashew fruit.

How does cashew apple look like?

The Cashew apple looks more familiar to apples, which contain 90% fruit and 10% raw cashew nut. Usually, cashew apples colour ranges from golden-yellow or red, sometimes variegated with a blend of both colours.

How does cashew apple taste?

The cashew fruit is juicy, lightly flavoured, and sour, with a lot of vitamin C, iron, phosphorous, and calcium. Cashew fruit can be used in the preparation jams, preserves, and chutneys, steamed to reduce the bitter flavour and added to curries, soups, and stews. These are touch-sensitive, so within a few hours after it falls from the tree they should be consumed to experience their best flavour.

Where can we find cashew apples?

These are originated in Brazil, now grown in various tropical climates around the world. However, cashew trees grow in Asia, Africa, and South America and are available year-round in tropical climates. Vietnam is the largest exporter or producer of cashew nuts all over the world then followed by India.

About cashew harvesting?

Each apple is paired up with a single nut, during harvest the nut is twisted and separated from the fruit and stored in a cool and dry place. Cashews are surrounded by a thin layer that consists of the toxic oil urushiol. So, it should be processed careful and meticulous way. A single raw cashew nut comprises 30% cashew kernel and 70% cashew shell. Each cashew kernel undergoes a different grading process depending upon the shape and size.

Cashew apples are rich in:  

Cashew apple juice is rich in antioxidants and offers various health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory effects, so it could help you heal faster from an injury.  

Health benefits of cashew apple:  

These Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants that help to promote health, raise good cholesterol in the body and can help you to manage weight. In addition, cashews contain a large amount of copper and minerals that are vital for energy production, brain development, and a strong immune system. Cashews have five times higher vitamin C than an orange.  

Cashews are protein-packed snacks loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants. Many researches proved that people who add cashew nuts to their daily routine are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. So, it’s time to add one ounce of cashews to your routine to boost overall health. Visit WW Cashews to get premium quality roasted cashews.

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