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Different Types of Cashews Nuts - Cashew Grades

Are you fan of cashew nuts? If yes, I think you might have noticed that all cashews don’t always look-alike. For many people who’re consuming cashews don’t even know there are different types of cashews nuts available in the market. However, today let’s discuss about cashews grades and their types so that you can find perfect nut for your next meal or munching! 

Cashew Kernels are graded after peeling. Once peeling is done, the grading depends on three major factors – SIZE, SHAPE and COLOUR of the kernels. The kernels are naturally white or ivory colored. Based on the size they are graded by numbers as 180, 210, 240, 320 and 450. These numbers basically indicate how many cashew kernels make one pound in weight whereas pieces are also graded by size - large (6.5mm and above) and small (3mm to 6mm). The price of cashews nuts is based on their grades. The largest and attractive kernels which are rare are naturally priced the highest. 

Eager to learn more about these amazing cashew types? Well, what’s the wait then? Scroll down to find out most commonly sought-after grades and the highest availability in the market.

Types of Cashew Grades:


W-180 is the premium cashews and commonly referred to as the “King of Cashew” owing to its large size. They are biggest nuts and very expensive. It contains approximately 160 - 180 nuts per lbs.


W-210 is often referred to as 'Jumbo' size. Smaller than the W-180, but it’s still recognized as large cashew.


W-240 is the standard size cashew and although they are still known as attractive grade. It is considerably less expensive than 180 and 210. It Contains approximately 220 - 240 nuts per lbs.



W-320 is the smaller size cashew and although it’s most popular among cashew kernels and most widely sold and distributed. This grade offers a perfect balance between size and cost. So, majority of the consumers opt for it. It contains approximately 300 - 320 nuts per lbs.



W-450 are small in size, cheapest and commonly referred to as the Standard Nuts. It’s very budget-friendly compared to 180 grade king cashews. It contains approximately 440-450 nuts per lbs.

Now nothing can stop you to pick the right grade for your next time shopping. However, if you are looking to shop for premium grade cashews or to find wholesale cashew suppliers, visit WW Cashews – the best place to buy organic and premium quality cashew nuts available in roasted plain, salted and pepper flavors. 

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