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Which is Healthier - Raw or Roasted Cashews

Cashews are a delicious snack with a crunchy and creamy texture and loads of nutrients. Cashew lovers opt for raw as well as roasted nuts and relish the delightful taste of both versions. However, health conscious individuals might want to weigh the differences between the two. The good news is, both of these types are excellent sources of nutrients with a low sugar content.  

There are, of course, a few differences that give one form of cashews an edge over the other one. Let’s see which of these types is better with the health point of view.  

1. Nutrient Content  

The process of cooking may lead to the destruction of a few nutrients due to the high heat. These may include certain vitamins, such as vitamin C. However, the content of minerals, protein and fiber usually remains the same. So, while raw and uncooked cashews have a slight edge, you can also gain health benefits from more flavorful roasted nuts. Pick your bag today from and enjoy some savory flavors without having to worry about the health factor.  

2. Fat Content and Type 

Cashews are popular among the health conscious individuals for a high content of polyunsaturated fats. These are healthy fats that do not add to your waist. Instead, these promote the health of your heart. However, the roasting process that involves exposure of the nuts to high heat for a long time may result in damaging the structure of these unsaturated fats. These may be oxidized, producing free radicles that are actually harmful to consume. This means, raw nuts are definitely better and safer for consumption unless you can get your hands on roasted nuts that have gone through a shorter and quicker cooking time.  

3. Calorie Content  

Raw cashews have a lesser calorie content as compared to the roasted ones. This is obviously due to the fact that the roasting process involves additional oil. However, new and modern roasting techniques have eliminated this concern. At you will find air roasted cashews that have been cooked without any additional fat. These nuts are just as crunchy and tasteful as conventionally roasted cashews. This is a win-win situation for cashew lovers who wish to enjoy the flavor of roasted cashews without compromising on their health in the least.  

4. Salt Content  

A salty flavor is extremely popular among individuals who desire roasted cashews. This lip smacking taste is simply addictive. However, added salt may lead to problems for people who suffer with blood pressure issues. It may also cause bloating, leading to added weight due to water retention in the body. For this reason, it is better to turn to raw cashews with their natural flavor.  

5. Shelf Life  

The roasting process diminishes the shelf life of cashews. The added oil is likely to turn rancid, creating an unpleasant taste and the production of dangerous free-radicles. However, once again, air roasted cashews are just as good as the uncooked ones.  

While raw cashews win by a margin, you may enjoy air roasted cashews which are equally good.  

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