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How to Identify Quality of Cashew Nuts

Cashews are one of the best nuts for your health. However, purchasing low quality cashews can lead to an unpleasant experience. It is, therefore, important to be able to identify the traits of high quality nuts.  

Let’s first have a look at what can be wrong if you end up purchasing poor quality cashews.  

  • The nuts may be broken inside the box you have purchased.  
  • The cashews may be moldy. This indicates that the cashew nuts might have been stored for a long time and have exceeded their shelf life. Alternatively, bad storage conditions, such as exposure to humidity, may also lead to the formation of molds. It is dangerous to consume such nuts. 
  • The cashews might taste stale. This is another example of a long storage time and poor storage conditions.  
  • Your cashews might not be crunchy. This could be due to poor packaging that lets the nuts be exposed to air and humidity. Only air tight packaging ensures best quality of the nuts.  
  • Black spots and holes in the nuts indicate contamination with worms.  

In order to save yourself the trouble, purchase your cashews from a reliable source, such as 

Learn how to identify the quality of cashew nuts. Here are the guidelines to help you tell if the nuts are good or not. 

  • Color and Appearance  

This is the first identification factor to determine the quality of your cashew nuts. Fresh, raw cashews should be white, pale and spotless. Any dark spots might be due to the formation of molds. Likewise, holes and cracks in the nuts means these are eaten up by tiny worms. Immediately discard these cashews as these are extremely dangerous to consume.  

On the other hand, if you are going for roasted cashews, these should appear lightly golden brown. However, if these are darker, it means the roasting process involved the use of fatty oil. Steer clear of dark brown nuts if you want to eat healthy.  

  • Size 

The best quality cashews are, of course, larger in size with a thick appearance. These are more delightful to consume and give you a more pleasurable experience. Therefore, look for large-sized, whole cashew nuts without any broken pieces. This is particularly important if you wish to gift the cashews to your loved ones on an occasion or festival.  

  • Taste 

The tasting test is one of the best ways of determining the standard of cashews. It evaluates the freshness and condition of the nuts in question. Fresh and high quality cashews have a crunchy and creamy texture with a mildly sweet taste. On the other hand, look out of stale or fish-like taste as this may indicate that the nuts are not fresh. Similarly, nuts with a burned taste should also be avoided as these might be over-roasted or roasted through poor cooking methods.  

  • Husk-free Nuts  

Your cashews should be completely clean and husk-free. Cashew husks are a little acidic in nature. Consuming this component may lead to an allergic response, such as an itchy throat and coughing.  

Once you are able to determine the quality of cashews, you will be able to enjoy these nuts to the fullest.  



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