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Which Cashew Grade is Best to Make Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is a delicious beverage that contains a treasure of nutrients. The refreshing and filling drink offers vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats to you. You can easily make it at home and enjoy its tremendous benefits.  

Making Cashew Milk  

All you need for the preparation of cashew milk is cashew nuts, water and a few optional flavoring items, such as honey, cinnamon or nutmeg. In a nutshell, you soak the nuts, grind the paste and drain to extract an extremely delectable and healthy drink. For stepwise instructions, follow the website 

While preparing the milk, choose the best quality nuts. Before deciding the best variety to use, let’s have a look at different grades of cashew nuts available.  

Different Grades of Cashews  

Here is how cashews are classified.   

WS Grade: 

This is known as White Splits. It is a raw and fresh variety. The kernels are white in color reflecting the “unroasted” nature of the nuts. These are split down the middle and are sold worldwide. 

LP Grade:  

Here, the L stands for large while p means “broken pieces”. These are available in the form of broken pieces of cashew nuts. LP cashews are often roasted and salted to bring out an excellent flavor. 

SP Grade:

This is another variety which offers broken pieces of cashews. These are ideal for putting in cookies, cakes, salads and other dishes due to their small size.  

BB Grade:  

Baby Bits Pieces or BB grade cashews are very small broken bits of cashew nuts. These crushed nuts are best for sprinkling over your cereal or for use in baking.  

The Best Cashew Grade to Make Cashew Milk  

When it comes to making cashew milk, it is best to use raw nuts. These retain the maximum amount of nutrients which in turn are transferred to your milk. Roasting cashews causes the nuts to lose precious nutrients. It is, therefore, best to use the raw variety if you want your cashew beverage to be rich in nutrients.  

At the same time, steer clear of salted nuts while making cashew milk. The salty flavor is delightful when you are enjoy the nuts as a snack. However, the added will ruin the flavor of your drink. Moreover, sodium leads to bloating and may interfere with your physical fitness regime. It is also strictly forbidden for folks suffering from high blood pressure or heart diseases. It is, therefore, a big NO as an ingredient for your cashew milk.  


Keeping this information in mind, it is best to go for WS grade cashews when you are making your own nutritious cashew nut milk at home. These white, raw nuts have the highest concentration of nutrients. At the same time, these are unsalted – ideal for a delicious and healthy cashew based drink.  

The split kernels are also to your benefit. It makes the grinding process easier and less time consuming while extracting cashew milk.  

When WS grade is not available, look for alternatives that are salt free and unroasted.  




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