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Cashew Spirulina Protein Snack


  • 2 cups cashews raw & soaked 1 hour in hot water 

  • 4 tbsp to 1/3 cup plant milk 

  • 4 tbsp blue spirulina (For this recipe, I used this brand)(Very mild in flavor; if you use stronger-flavored blue spirulina, taste-test and add syrup to offset any flavor) 

  • 2 tbsp maple syrup (very optional, taste-test in the blender) 


  • Soak your cashews either overnight or for at least one hour in water that has just been boiled. Soaking raw nuts is necessary to break down phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that occur naturally in raw nuts and which can block proper mineral absorption and digestion. Breaking down both increases the nutrient availability of nuts, and allows for proper digestion. 

  • Blend rinsed cashews, spirulina and at least 2 tbsp of plant milk. Whether you need more plant milk to make the mixture creamy depends on how soft your cashews are. Sometimes I add up to 1/4 cup of plant milk to smooth it out, you can't add too much. 

  • Taste test to decide if you think your bites need sweetener. I never add it because my cashews and plant milk add enough flavor, but I don't like things sweet (haha, surprising, huh? Given all the chocolate desserts on my site!) 

  • Pour into molds (I buy silicon molds and use a squeeze bottle to pour it in) or use mini cupcakes papers or ice cube trays, freeze at least 2 hours (or longer depending on your freezer temperature) and then eat! Keep frozen until ready to eat - these melt faster than the ones I made with white beans so beware! Enjoy popping them post workout!

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