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Our Story

80 Years of Tradition in processing cashews. Founders of the cashew processing industry in India with eight decades of experience, our premium air roasted cashews are our finest retail product.

Cashew Grading


Available in Plain, Pepper and Salted


Available in Plain, Pepper and Salted


Available in Plain and Salted


Available in Plain. This is our top of the line Premium Quality.

About Us

Founded in 1938 in Kerala, WW Cashews is a pioneer in wholesale cashew processing and exports. WW opened trade from India to several African countries and has been instrumental in setting up India as the #1 exporter of processed cashews. 

Being the first in many milestones, WW was the first to isolate 180 Grade cashews. From the very beginning the company policy was to source healthy and organic cashews of the finest grade.   In the last decade WW has been exclusively focused on experimenting with healthier forms of roasting and preparing cashews.  

Our air roasting method is proprietary and is much healthier than the traditional oven roasting process and leaves no fatty acid and stickiness in the final product.  After we perfected our air roasting method we are going directly to the consumer with our 180 Grade Premium Cashews, available in Plain, Salted and Pepper flavors.

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